Sage Method co-founder Diana Kennedy ended her busy year by giving back. Diana was connected with an international project with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village and had 10 months to plan and learn about the project she would participate in.

The goal of the project was to journey to a commune outside the village of My Tho in Vietnam that needed structures built to protect them from the elements, especially during monsoon season. During the project 12 volunteers built two houses from brick that included amenities we take for granted; a water source, basic electricity and solid walls. The house that Diana’s team focused on was for a mother of three and was just over 400 square feet. Previously, the family used two walls and a single metal roof for their dwelling.

“It was hot and the work was challenging, but moments like being able to practice English with the school children and the participation and appreciation of the community made it so worthwhile.” Diana stated. “Part of what we wanted Sage Method to focus on was to create a culture of volunteering and I am so happy that we were able to support this.”

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