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With a suite of software products that includes construction estimating, field entry, dispatching, equipment maintenance, telematics, fuel management and safety, HCSS provides the construction industry with innovative software solutions and fully-managed, Cloud hosting options that help construction companies work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Since 1986, HCSS products have delivered value for more than 80,000 construction professionals, including 24 of the Top 25 ENR Contractors. HCSS delivers world-class customer service with professional implementation, and 24/7 instant support, 365 days a year.


Kahua is a leading provider of capital program and construction project management software. We are enabling innovation that is changing the way that capital programs are planned and delivered. The world’s leading construction organizations use Kahua’s collaborative construction management solutions to improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce project risk throughout the entire lifecycle of their capital programs. Our purpose-built solutions for owners, program managers and contractors enable rapid implementation that minimizes time-to-value and enhances user adoption. And with the industry’s only low-code application platform our customers can easily customize existing Kahua apps or even build their own new apps to run their business at peak efficiency today and rapidly adapt as business conditions dictate. To learn more, visit www.kahua.com.

Mirai Networks

An Integration platform as a service(iPaaS) for the rapid, cost-effective and stable implementation of Enterprise integrations and migrations”.

Purpose: To improve the consulting and support process of providing integration/migration solutions for Enterprise Systems by creating reusable hosted services that can address the main issues with technical implementation projects.

Benefits: Increases speed and lowers cost of implementation and ongoing enhancements by utilizing prebuilt hosted products and reusable components. 

Improves reliability, ongoing support and maintenance of code. Single code base is used for all clients and all support staff are trained on it.

Leverages Enterprise level scalability, security, failover, disaster recovery and uptime SLA provided by Amazon, Microsoft Azure, or Oracle data centers. 

Optimized for performance, reliability and error handling. Team averages 10 years of technical consulting experience at Oracle/Skire/etc. refining the Integration and Migration process.


Primavera Unifier provides a complete set of management and government tools across all project phases from planning and building to operations, enabling companies to effectively manage their capital and construction programs. By combining Unifier with industry-leading capabilities from Oracle Primavera products, Oracle intends to create a full lifecycle Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) platform that provides a comprehensive offering from capital planning and construction to operations and maintenance for owners and operators, contractors and sub-contractors.


Proptech firm Spacewell provides technology and advisory in real estate. Spacewell is a part of the Nemetschek Group that offers innovative solutions in the four customer-oriented divisions, used by more than five million users worldwide.

Spacewell has built a strong and global position in the fast-growing workplace and CRE real estate segment, or in other words: the usage phase of buildings, which represents up to 80% of total life-cycle costs. By investing in building management software, building owners can achieve significant cost benefits, simplify operations and maintenance, increase building performance, better satisfy the needs of occupants and differentiate workspace thanks to the newest proptech and digital twin technology.

Spacewell offering content includes:
IWMS: Standard, modular software to manage facility processes with efficient workflows.
SMART BUILDING: Assists users in real-time and helps improve comfort, space, and resource usage.
BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Quickly develop a multi-year, preventive maintenance plan and budget.

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