the Toolshed

Any master has their favorite tools and techniques.
The toolshed is where we go to find the right tool for the job.

the Toolshed

The Sage Method uses a set of templates refined over the years that keep the most important concepts to finding and implementing value. The toolshed doesn’t focus on delivering a 400 page document that no one will read, it recognizes the new normal of informal communication, a changing workplace and need to be transparent and auditable.

Examples of the Toolshed include:

  • Facilitation playbook for consistent requirements gathering.
  • Tools for capturing and evaluating continuous improvement.
  • Training on visual-oriented communication and management.
  • Collaboration sites for transparency and near real-time updates.
  • Train-the-trainer on using the Sage Method.

the Outcome

“You have to design the tool around the process, not the process around the tool.” ~ Cari Stieglitz


Tools and Processes

Systems don’t solve problems except through the right handling by the people.


Using the Tools

Using the Toolshed with the Method results in an empowered workforce, embedded tools and intelligent delivery.