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Campos EPC is an established Industry Leader in the Utility, Energy and Midstream sectors, delivering engineering design, consulting services, integrity management and turnkey solutions for our clients. Our team provides an array of services to match our clients’ needs.

Our goal is to help our clients analyze and address project objectives through budget-conscious actionable solutions. We have demonstrated the commitment and ability to align ourselves directly to the goals of our Clients and we remain steadfast in maintaining those commitments. It is this philosophy that has made Campos EPC the Industry Leader in Energy Infrastructure.

Sage empowers people by making the process work for people instead of people working for the process – all while focusing on value-added activities, eliminating waste, and sustaining beautiful processes.

Sage is connecting strategy to embedded tools and actionable controls. Our goal is to evolve the industry until our methods are so commonplace that our support is no longer necessary.

Novitech provides in-line pipeline inspection and mapping services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver upon our Pledge for Excellence.

Our innovation driven culture is supported by individuals with decades of experience, as well as strong customer partnerships. This has been and will remain the key to maintaining our leadership position with technology innovations in the pipeline industry’s MFL Crack and Flaw detection.

NACC Construction is a licensed construction company operating in Colorado and California and specializes in Renewable Energy, Utility, and Gas and Oil industry construction projects.

We offer construction management, pipeline construction, pipeline integrity/corrosion management, gas distribution, survey, and inspection services.

For over eight years CVG Staffing Solutions has been The Right Fit as a workforce solution provider for candidates and clients in the Energy, Oil & Gas, EPC and Industrial industries located throughout North America.

Campos Fabrication, a subsidiary of Campos, is located in a state-of-the-art 15,000 sq ft facility in Amherst, NH. It is here that we are proud to offer full turn-key projects that focus on custom-engineered fabrication solutions.

Our new location houses a dedicated team of project managers, engineers, and some of the most talented welders in the region. Production and distribution of high-end custom fabrication will be a team effort and will deliver many benefits to our new and existing clients.

We are expanding fulfillment capabilities, thereby ensuring an overall positive customer experience on a national scale.

Our elite team of Project Control Professionals utilizes industry-leading tools and methodologies to provide customized solutions that meet clients’ unique needs and challenges. With Precision, clients can be confident that they are receiving unparalleled service and expertise tailored to their unique needs and goals.

The Campos Foundation’s mission is to elevate under-represented minority and female students through STEM education initiatives. Since 2015 we have impacted over 4,000 students every year.

About Us

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Companion to Founder & CEO Marco Campos

Our mission is to help owners in highly-regulated industries to maximize their infrastructure and portfolios and remove silos between facilities and construction.

We help you by providing a path; an industry-driven and structured approach to transformation that focuses on people, strategy, process and technology.

Empower: People need to see how their own roles and goals influence the wider team to truly embrace organizational change. We want to help a team to pull together in the same direction.

Build: Organizations need a structured and tested way to begin the roadmap. Our methodology means good business process is created with digitization and adoption in mind. We also bring pre-built solutions and our toolshed to get you there faster.

Evolve: To keep adding value, we need to keep doing better. Bringing a mindset of continuous improvement means planning for the future.

Sage was formed as a women-led business and focused on diversity of talent in 2015. Diana Kennedy and Cari Stieglitz founded the company out of a vision for helping the industry to do better and add value directly to clients. Both had careers building up to this point and felt it was ready to form a boutique firm that could focus more intensively on solving industry issues.

In 2018, Eric Soukup joined the leadership team. They had all worked together previously at a global program and project management consultancy and shared the same vision for helping clients succeed.

Over the next six years, Sage would provide global consulting and helping clients with positive change. They grew to eight people and maintained a focus on niche consulting in utilities, higher education, transportation and the public sector.

In 2022, Sage continued their growth plans by forming Campos Sage, part of the Campos group of companies. Sage had been working with Campos EPC previously on project and found great alignment with the culture and vision.

To date, our organization has embraced that growth and formed new service lines around innovating and expanding, now enabled to reach into the Campos group of companies for enhanced and full lifecycle services.


  • Coach Leaders to empower your Staff to implement incremental improvement
  • Motivate your Staff to engage more readily in helping your business to improve and grow
  • Foster trust and open communication throughout your organization directed towards a united goal



  • Evaluate existing or new technology for a program or enterprise based on your unique needs
  • Develop the Statement of Work for your Request for Proposal



  • Educate Management on how to enable your delivery teams
  • Train your Staff to enhance their skills e.g. project management, continuous improvement, new tool or technology
  • Teach methods to increase team and personal productivity


  • Assist you in establishing a foundation of governance
  • Help you to visualize your existing state and the key problems you are solving to build meaningful measures of success
  • Develop business cases to align strategy with your portfolio



  • Define levels of ownership, enforcement, and support. For example, a PMO can be a coach, cop or co-op depending on your culture
  • Coach you to standup or improve your PMO



  • Assist you with linking your multi-year plans to Project, Program, and Portfolio Management
  • Help you understand how your approach to process drives KPIs, Metrics
  • Use your past performance to inform future projects (benchmarking, trends and analytics)


  • Improve your productivity using lean methods like mini-Kaizen and Evolve Events™ to eliminate waste in your processes
  • Improve processes while increasing the skills and education of your staff
  • Guide evaluation of new processes or ROI assessment



  • Provide a Facilitation Playbook for consistent requirements gathering
  • Deliver tools for capturing and evaluating continuous improvement
  • Train visual-oriented communication and management



  • Document “as is” or “to be” processes
  • Conduct gap analysis of processes and technology
  • Forecast value of improved process versus staying with the current process


  • Start projects with a clear understanding of “why” to get real buy-in
  • Bridge understanding between the business and technology
  • Help you understand processes and technology to enable effective transformation



  • Digitize and automate with tools and technology
  • Enable you to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities
  • Configure certain technology e.g. Kahua, Oracle Primavera P6/Unifier, e-Builder and others



  • Capture, manage or coordinate customization e.g. integration or coded software
  • Focused on using technology (GIS, LiDAR, drones, sensors) to improve construction and operations (data acquisition, business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, safety)

The Campos Pledge

We pledge to execute our work with the highest standards of Ethics, Performance, and Compliance; with the utmost focus on alignment to our stakeholders. We hold a shared vision to make the world a better place through solving the needs of our clients, our communities, and the industries that we serve.

Our Parent Company

Meet The Team

Haytham has over 30 years of experience providing engineering solutions to a multitude of utility and municipality clients in both the public and private sector. He has managed and developed cross-functional consulting teams to deliver solutions to utility clients across multiple workstreams. Haytham has experience working for large organizations assessing efficiencies and improving processes to deliver complex engineering programs. Contributions to his success is his ability to be an effective communicator in both building and leading teams, building team relationships and gaining alignment between diverse stake holders.

Prior to joining Campos EPC, Haytham was a Manager of Construction at a large utility on the east coast responsible for over 100 million dollars in construction activities. Haytham joined Campos EPC in 2014 and shortly became the Office Lead for the Los Angeles operation. Haytham was assigned as a Regional Director for the San Ramon office in 2016 and was able to successfully expand Campos footprint in multiple workstreams including PG&E’s Mobile Home Program with an annual budget of over 20 million dollars.

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Haytham Hantash


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The Campos Foundation’s mission is to elevate underrepresented minority and female students through STEM education initiatives.

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