How the Sage Method

can work for you.

Organization & Governance

Optimizing your benefits starts with understanding your people. We coach and evaluate team and culture to help you organize for productivity.

Portfolio Strategy & Management

Establish strategy alignment, methodology, stage gates, processes and procedures for measuring and governing the portfolio.

Business Process Management

We use established methods to guide and coach you through transformation; including improvement of existing or new processes and ROI assessment.

Tools & Technology

Embedded in everything we do, we consider tools and technology essential to execution. From Excel to a full system, we help you choose what is right for you.

Sometimes the most challenging aspect is how to structure your staff and governance to most effectively support your organizational structure. Sometimes it is analyzing staff strengths to ensure they are in the right positions. At Sage, we believe people really are your human capital and their engagement is a foundation and we bring expert facilitators in to analyze existing culture, help team members work more efficiently and potentially re-organization to optimize realization of benefits.
Program startup is where our business can supplement your operational team, assisting in program management plans, processes and tools to support your governance.

Main components of organization and governance are:
– Team Workshops and Coaching (Strengths-based, Motivators, etc.)
– Enterprise Resource Planning
– Portfolio Resource Management (internal and external)
– Organizational Management and Breakdown Structure
– Program Staffing and On-boarding

Strategic portfolio management is alignment of the portfolio with organizational goals, management of the portfolio and continuous reporting of in-flight projects back into the portfolio. It establishes methodology, stage gates, processes and procedures for measuring and governing the portfolio. A good strategy asks the question “Are we doing the right work the right way?”

Whether as part of a capital planning exercise for asset intensive industries or a portfolio or program level, project driven and project dependent organizations have distinct needs. Work can be planned annually, as projects arise or daily break in work. To effectively manage a dynamic portfolio, alignment with strategic and operational goals assist in creating a weighted portfolio. Good planning and prioritization answers the question “How much work that we want to do can we accomplish?”

Main components of portfolio strategy and management are:
– Alignment with portfolio strategy (business case)
– Cost management (cost, contingencies and cash flow)
– Portfolio or PMO governance or improvement
– KPI measurement or weighted ranking matrices
– Portfolio reporting, including project level data
– Comparison or selection of software

Process is where we stand apart. Sage takes a holistic yet focused approach to capturing existing process as part of leaning the process. Where some traditional methods take five days for one process, we have streamlined our approach down to five hours. Finding better ways of doing things, including optimizing available tools or evaluating new tools, is built in.

Process engineering can take place in individual departments or at an enterprise level. This specific evaluation of an organization’s processes can be high level or a focused session on a very specific action. Tactical process engineering looks at each group or tool in the process and how they impact efficiency.

Main components of process engineering include:
– Gap analysis of processes or tools
– Process evaluation or improvement (Mini-Kaizen) facilitation
– Documentation of “as is” or “to be” processes
– Implement process improvements in tools or technology
– Guided evaluation of new processes or ROI assessment.

To help with capturing and improving processes, Sage uses the Evolve Method, the preferred tool in our toolshed for business process management.

Tools and technology are embedded in an organization. Whether they use Excel or an off-the-shelf technology solution, tools and process cannot be improved or implemented independently. For this reason, we consider tools and technology as a participant in the processes or strategy services. In addition to that, we provide specific technology consulting or implementation services.

Our contribution can span from evaluation to procurement to implementation. Our resources run deep in familiarity with industry portfolio, project and facilities management tools, including strategic teaming with product experts as part of our Consortium.

Main components of tools and technology include:
– Creation of new templates using existing tools e.g. Word/Excel
– Evaluation of existing or new technology for a program or enterprise
– Comparison or selection of software
– Configuration of certain technology e.g. Oracle Primavera P6/Unifier, e-Builder and others
– Management or coordination of customization e.g. integration or coded software

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