Building the solution through small wins, iterative improvement and emphasis on the impacts to the people.
We don’t implement process for process sake, it is value-driven and relevant.
Tools and technology are embedded in everything we do. Digitization of processes results in more transparent value added benefits.


Building a foundation for process and tools is vital to sustaining and transforming business. Like in construction and facilities management, the foundation enables essential elements to be built upon. Whether this is for an enterprise or project management office, a large program start up or a cross-functional change to how you do business, we treat this as a project that balances the right level of planning, design and execution it needs.  We also never lose sign of what it will take to maintain, operate and improve after roll-out and training.

We will help you build a foundation for transformation through:

  • Create and streamline process, but not for process sake
  • Establish a foundation and governance
  • Digitize and automate with Tools and Technology

” I love the smell of fresh pressed process in the morning. “

– Diana Kennedy, Chief Process Officer


For some, process is not an exciting topic. At Sage, knowing that we can help make complex processes more streamlined is a primary driver for what we do. We also know that process should not be implemented for process sake; meaning that we take a drastic approach to maintaining the essential and challenging you on the unessential. Getting your house in order means looking at your portfolio and your methodology for delivering consistently. We break your processes into smaller pieces and survey on what the challenges and opportunities are for eliminating muda; waste.

Foundation and Governance

To roll out the improved process, there needs to be structure and governance. There also needs to be support for training and onboarding staff when they take on new projects or roles. Whether this is at a program or department level or takes the formation of a PMO, standardization of project and portfolio practices or a business transformation project; we are equipped to help you through the transition. Ownership and defined levels of enforcement or support are part of this definition. For example, a PMO can be a coach, cop or co-op depending on your culture and what works best for you.

Digitize and Automate

Automating a bad process makes inefficiency painfully clear. Our life-cycle perspective of processes and tools helps determine how the two interact. We can work in both a process then tool capacity, helping you define the right tool and evaluating technology. We also have an approach that combines the two and saves you money. If you aren’t implementing technology, you can still realize the benefits. Our sessions focus on the tools you do have and making those better as a first option to implementing incremental change.

the Outcome


Benefits realization is maximized through support and adoption.


Human capital internalizes a passion for continuous improvement and change.


Essential processes are improved while increasing the skills and education of their staff.


Leadership empowers their staff to implement incremental improvement and staff engages more readily in helping the business to improve and grow.