Empowering and training the individual at all levels in the organization to see and recommend process improvement.

Management must be educated on how to enable their delivery teams.

Analysis of team members’ strengths and effectiveness in various roles sets everyone up for success.


Empowering individuals across a diverse organization is the foundation to maximizing your human capital investment. An effective business transformation starts and stops with the people that interact with the processes and technology every day. By taking a soft touch to this essential component of success, organizations can see greater benefit realization and adoption of proactive change.

We want to create a culture of change in your organization through…

Fostering Trust and Transparency

Trust and Transparency come from open and honest communication that is directed towards a united goal. We first work to assess the current culture of the working relationship; whether it be a new program start up, a department that has worked together for years or just a team that is about to experience change together. Trust is built over time but we coach on how to foster this; through an honest and transparent communication between all levels of the organization.

Knowing Yourself and Your Team

Everyone contributes to the team in their own way. By assessing this through personality typing, strengths-based analysis and coaching enables the whole team to understand the preferences and languages that are an input to the team dynamic. As the team matures through the stages of formation, each is better equipped on how to assess and respond to the diversity they encounter.

Increasing Productivity

Productivity is something that can be measured and improved. Using lean methods like mini-Kaizen and Evolve Events™, we work with you to eliminate waste in your processes. We also can teach various methods of increasing productivity through pull-based task management, visualization and execution using a Kanban board and personal productivity tricks like the Pomodoro technique.

Educating, Coaching and Training

Management must be educated on how to enable their delivery teams as well. Executive coaching on how to support and sponsor the change is essential to a top-down and bottom-up alignment for the change. Staff must also be trained to enhance their skills; whether it be project management training, continuous improvement training or teaching a new tool or technology.

the Outcome


Benefits realization is maximized through support and adoption.


Human capital internalizes a passion for continuous improvement and change.


Essential processes are improved while increasing the skills and education of their staff.


Leadership empowers their staff to implement incremental improvement and staff engages more readily in helping the business to improve and grow.