Welcome to Sage Method. What is the method? It is a focus on the client and empowering them to keep improving long after the consultant leaves. It is educating management on ways they can support their staff through an understanding of what it takes to get them good data and to focus on the things that really matter.

When creating or improving through business process management is that a complex flow chart, an “as is” output that sits in a binder doesn’t help anyone. ¬†It isn’t just about documenting the process or putting it into a tool or software like Primavera Unifier. You have to actively improve the process.

The challenge is a cutthroat approach on only keeping the value-add activities. You must eliminate the tasks and activities that don’t immediately contribute.¬†Changing this mindset requires time and coaching. The Method focuses on an approach that first seeks to empower people to recognize and challenge inefficient process.

Sage Method is all about this approach. We know we must first look internally to creating the same culture we want our clients to exude. For this reason, we are creating a company that is different. We will challenge ourselves to improve and empower our employees to do the same.

Will the method work for me?